Patience is a Virtue

In a couple weeks, I will be approaching my four months since I had reconstructive knee surgery on my right knee. The rehabilitation process has been rocky, to say the least. At times I feel great but usually every muscle in my right leg is sore and tight. Patience is not usually something I am … Continue reading


I have been meaning to write about identity and what Uta Hagen said in our readings. More than just pertaining to acting, being able to figure out your identity will help you find yourself in real life. We all have an image of who we think we are but as life changes, we are more … Continue reading

Work Overload

The last three weeks of classes has to be the most stressful time of the year for a student. Throughout this semester things have been going pretty smooth but recently I checked what I have left and I am in complete shock, that for all my classes I have final papers all due in the … Continue reading

Careers in Communication

Last night I attended my first ever career conference. It was put on by the Communication Student Union at SFU. I was blown away by the amazing job they did to put on the event.  I believe close to a hundred people attended the event and I am sure each one of them had a … Continue reading

Group Creation

Last week in class we chose our groups for our collective creation. Thinking back to high school when we could chose our own groups, people always ended up with their friends. That often lead to either not getting work done or coming up with a masterpiece, it was really hit or miss. Using previous experiences, … Continue reading

Monologue Presentation

A couple weeks ago in Educ 355 we had to memorize a monologue and present in front of a small number of students as well as our professor. At first I was super excited, but as days went by and it came down to deciding what I would be presenting, the decision became much more … Continue reading

Piece of my Mind

I have noticed this past month with the pope resigning from his position, religion has come up in different classes a lot more than usual. I am a man of faith but when it comes to talking about God and religion in school, I tend to step away from it. Not because I am ashamed … Continue reading

Spanish my Native Language

Growing up I only spoke one language, Spanish. But as I began my education I was put into a program called English as a Second Language (ESL) and slowly but surely began to be a strictly english speaking student. At home, I continued to speak in spanish with my family but spent the majority of … Continue reading

San Francisco

On February 13th, I flew down to San Francisco to enjoy five nights in this beautiful city. I had never been to San Francisco before, so I was super excited to adventure around the Bay area. I had lots planned but had no specific times set for when I would go out and do all … Continue reading